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Malyssa Collins



With an international background, speaking various languages and acquiring several degrees, Malyssa Collins has a twenty-plus-year professional history in the corporate sector in information technology, business development, entrepreneurship, recruitment, non-profit, consulting, mentoring, and education. That history, being a foreign woman of color and surviving a multitude of career roadblocks has inspired her to aid others from all walks of life with their career goals and aspirations.

Whether it is youth just starting a career out of high school or college, veterans who are transitioning from military life to civilian life, those of middle age who are focused on an upward career trajectory or simply re-entering the workforce, Malyssa has exceptional outcomes as her focus is to bring solutions to overcoming barriers of insufficient skills or education by providing career readiness and workforce development training and outreach. Starting her mission with youth back in 2013 being contracted with non-profit organizations such as Youth Career Connect (YCC) and currently with the Wilderness Education Project, her overall desire is to positively impact and bring change, especially empowering those who are underserved and underprivileged so that they may be able to equally compete for opportunities, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Our Mission


Jireh Alliance Career & Workforce Development (JACWD) exists to positively influence the underserved, underemployed and employed, who may be in transition, by providing career readiness education, essential life skills training and workforce development tools needed to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Those at JACWD have a strong passion, vision, and desire to restore consciousness, change attitudes and build confidence in those experiencing social degradation.


At Jireh Alliance Career & Workforce Development, the aspiration is to educate those facing a multitude of barriers including insufficient skills or education by providing them with work readiness programming and soft skills training so they can successfully transition into the workforce and build thriving career. JACWD has no boundaries, serving adults of all ages, veterans, youth, and some in rural areas with limited resources.


JACWD strategically addresses the client’s needs as they transition into their various life stages, moving them to self-sufficiency, by developing key pathways to a better future. The goal is “Get Employed! Stay Employed!” or “Stay Employed”! “Climb the Corporate Ladder”! and we do this through our S.T.A.R. pre-employment readiness & attitudinal skills training fulfilling our moto, “Meeting The Need to Succeed”.