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Have you heard the saying “so and so was born a STAR”? I find that saying interesting because we all have the potential and ability to be a STAR in whatever we choose, all we need are the resources to help us compete for opportunities. 

Have you heard the saying “so and so was born a STAR”? I find that saying interesting because we all have the potential and ability to be a STAR in whatever we choose, all we need are the resources to help us compete for opportunities. 

We help you create a blueprint in areas such as resume development, networking skills, dressing to impress, interviewing skills, rules of the workplace and so much more. “Meeting The Need to Succeed” is our moto, so are you ready to put in the STAR work?  Are you ready to shine on the job or in your career?

Having a career strategy is any behavior, activity, or experience designed to help a person meet career goals. A career strategy represents a conscious choice by an individual as to the type of investment he or she is willing to make in attempting to reach career objectives.

Your career strategy is your plan for achieving your professional goals and advancing in your chosen field. Wake up and realize that your network is your set of contacts and some of those relationships can help you access opportunities, information, and resources.

The main purpose is to provide you with a roadmap for your future that’ll help you make well-informed decisions about your career, and future career moves. A solid career plan will help you stay focused and motivated.

Developing an effective career strategy is a vital step in fulfilling your professional potential and getting your dream job.

Career Strategizing at JACWD includes the following steps:

  • Reviewing strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and values
  • What is your edge over others?
  • Research possibilities and take advantage of available opportunities
  • Develop skills, experience, and expertise
  • Network
  • Analyze current options
  • Take action (short- and long-term goals)

Tenacity is that fierce blend of determination, persistence, and grit. Are you a leader? If so, that trait means the difference between failure and success, and that takes you from doing all right to thriving. 

Having tenacity doesn’t mean that you don’t experience setbacks or obstacles, but rather that those obstacles don’t faze you because you’re that focused on your macro goal.

JACWD wants to equip you with the ability to handle obstacles, build confidence and achieve success both in and outside of your work life. Employers often want tenacious people working for them who are self-motivated and willing to overcome challenges on their path to success. 

Tenacious people commit to three things

  • First, they take personal responsibility for their success. They know they are responsible for their own life and career success. They are willing to do the things necessary to succeed.
  • Second, tenacious people set high goals – and then do whatever it takes to achieve them.
  • Third, tenacious people know stuff happens as they go through life. They realize they will encounter many problems and setbacks. Tenacious people choose to react positively to the negative things that happen and move forward toward their goals.

Individuals who align their careers with their aspirations are more motivated to learn, acquire new skills, and pursue professional development opportunities. This ongoing growth not only enhances their current performance but also equips them for future success in an ever-evolving job market.

JACWD has a Career Alignment Process, matching a participant’s strengths to job requirements, specific opportunities, alternative career fields or additional training by analyzing key words in job descriptions, job postings and curricula.

You just may be amid a personal awakening. Many of us have trouble finding work or go to work feeling like what we do every day isn’t quite aligned with our vision for our careers and lives. To bring your actions in line with the vision and goals you have for your career, think of the following:

  • Know your value and values.

  • Invest in your career goals and vision

  • Identify what you may need to sacrifice right now for future progress.

  • Act with intention as you make career-related decisions.

  • Stay ready for opportunities.

  • Nurture your vision for your career.

At JACWD we want you to possess the tools needed for success. Relevance does not apply to just content creators! Remember, the company you work for needs the skills and knowledge you have so you must be attuned to their demands and have skills that keep you from plateauing in your job or career understanding that what you need is to ensure that you can act and react with nimbleness and agility. Being important or significant in your skill set makes you valuable and keeps you relevant. You want to do what you can to avoid being fired! 

Staying relevant in your career involves you asking yourself the following questions:

1. Who uses my work, what is trending in that line and what do they need most?

2. What business outcomes drive my work?

3. What impacts the way I do my work and how has that recently changed?

4. What are the opportunities to grow and scale what I do?

Become the Expert ~ Build a Strategic Network ~ Challenge Yourself ~ Engage